About Us

We at PSTM ENGINEERING PVT LTD having engineers team with over 12 years of individual experience in designing and manufacturing mixing systems and process equipment. Our expertise stems from serving leading process industries in India.

We proudly cater to a variety of industries, such as food and beverages, sugar and distilleries, pharmaceuticals, speciality chemicals, oil and gas, fertilizer, ETP, STP, paint and adhesives, and biotechnology.
Our diverse product range includes Agitators, dispersers, static mixers (in-line mixers), high-speed mixers (homogenizers), heat exchangers,pasteurizers, evaporators, reactors and storage tanks, distillation columns, and filtration systems for above mentioned sectors.

With a manufacturing facility of 15,000 sqft we are Committed to providing cutting-edge technology products with these advantages at competitive prices, PSTM is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of the process industry.

Our Vision

Empowering industries through innovative, reliable, and sustainable Turn Key Projects & process equipment solutions that redefine efficiency, safety, and excellence in manufacturing & service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design, manufacture, and deliver cutting-edge process equipment while providing comprehensive turnkey project solutions. We aim to exceed client expectations by seamlessly integrating technology, expertise, and reliability to optimize operational efficiency and drive sustainable growth in diverse industrial sectors.

About Company

Office & Factory Address: : Plot. No. 2, Sr. No. 59/1, Chovisawadi, Pune: 412105

  • Land : 5000 Sq. Feet.,Totally covered, with 5 ton Over Head Crane





Our Setup

  • • Plasma Machine With 3.0 Hp Compressor - Upto 50mm Cutting
  • • APS Make 400 Amp Welding Rectifier With Inbuilt Hf Unit & Water Cooling (Tig M/C) Model G400 Along With Std. Accessories
  • • 4x7" Grinder Ralliwolf Make 2400 Watt
  • • 5x5" Grinder Rallliwolf Make 1200 Watt
  • • 2x4" Grinder Dewalt Make 800 Watt
  • • Gas Cutter Set With LPG regulator
  • • Polishing M/C - Trolly Mounted ZG Type 2HP 3 Phase
  • • Hydro Test Pump 140 Kg Capacity With Std Accessories


Our Setup

  • • We exclusively use SEW gear drive wherein we can avoid use of external bearing housing & hence can offer maintenance free Agitator unit. SEW is world’s largest Gearbox manufacturer. Visit www.seweurodrive.com for further details
  • • We can conduct CFD on client demand. Although almost all agitator manufacturer claim CFD reports, we have a person working on agitator CFDs since last 8 years & hence we can exactly interpret the CFD results & recommend/judge change if required in design.