Process Equipments - Distillation Columns

A distillation column is a key apparatus used in the process of separating mixtures into their individual components or fractions based on differences in their volatilities or boiling points. This process is called distillation.
Distillation columns are widely used in various industries, including petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing, to separate and purify different components from complex mixtures.
Our distillation process technologies stand at the forefront, accounting for site-specific conditions, diverse raw material variations, energy integration, and impeccable product quality. Our team of application engineers and designers specializes in tailoring distinctive distillation plants.

The Process and equipment’s MOC and size will be decided on the basis of nos. of components and their relative volatility and application and uses like Batch or Continuous.

Distillation Column Internal Component: -
• Bubble Cap Trays
• Sieve Trays
• Valve Trays
• Design of Trays & Liquid Flow
• Structured Packing