Turnkey Projects - Resin Plant

Resin Plant
Resin Plant


1. Alkyd Resin plant

Alkyd resin can be manufactured by four different processes, solvent process being the main commercial process which starts by adding all the raw materials in reaction kettle and the agitation of the same is continued then, inert gas is sparged through the spare line. The vapour are condensed and recycled back to the kettle.
The reacted mass is dropped into a jacketed tank, containing the desired solvent. The cooled resin solution after thinning is filtered in filter press and sludge is removed. It is lastly tested, packed and stored.
The solvent process uses a small amount of solvent, 5-10%, in the esterification reaction to act as a reflux medium.

• Uniformity
• Catalysis
• Reduced material loss
2. Acrylic resin plant
3. Emulsion resin
4. Polyester resin
5. Epoxy
6. Chlorinated silicone