Turnkey Projects - Chemical Plant


i. Ethyl Acetate

Applications: Coating solvent for paint, lacquers & varnishes Extraction solvent de – caffeinating of coffee, tea Process solvent in Pharmaceutical industry Carrier solvent for Printing inks, adhesives etc.

ii. Pyrolysis plant

The purpose of a pyrolysis plant is to burn the un wanted, by – product, hazardous waste, non-recyclable waste and makes it suitable to be used as a raw material, extract oil, etc. In general, it is a waste to purposeful material recovery process.
In the process molecular break down occurs from higher to lower level.
It consists of listed equipment:
• Reactor
• Manifold
• Carbon block discharger
• Sludge oil tank
• Oil condensers
• Hydroseal
• Oil storage tank
• Water supply
• Extra gas burner
• Flue condenser
• Flue gas scrubber
• Control cabinet

iii. Bio Diesel plant

iv. Fatty acid plant

Fatty acid plant process involves the breakdown of fatty acids in plants through a process called β-oxidation.