Process Equipments - ATFD

Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD) is used across industries to gently and efficiently dry heat-sensitive materials like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food ingredients, and biotechnological products while preserving their quality and integrity. It's great for substances that can't withstand high temperatures and need gentle processing.

We engineer the equipment to handle a wide range of materials, ensuring uniform drying, minimal degradation, and high throughput.

Advantages of PSTM Agitated Thin Film Dryer: -

• Suitable for Highly Viscous Fluid
• Low residence time
• Low pressure drop allowing operation down to 1 mbar absolute
• Robust design minimizing maintenance costs
• No dead zones and no liquid hold-up
• Easy to clean

The table below provides some guidance in the selection of an evaporator for a particular application.
Product characteristic selection criteria for evaporators.
Type of Evaporator Clean High Capacity Solids or Crystals Fouling Foamy Temperature Sensitive Viscous
Batch X           X
Horizontal Tube X            
Vertical Short Tube X            
Vertical Long Tube X X          
Rising Falling Film X X     X    
Falling Film X X X   X X  
Forced Circulation X X X X X    
Plate X X X X X X X
Agitated Thin Film X X X X X X X