Sugar & Distilleries - Distillation columns

Distillation columns are used to separate liquids and gases between different parts of a manufacturing facility.
PSTM has emerged as leading Engineering solution provider for Vacuum Distillation Process system to separate undiluted solutions based on different volatility of components on the basis of their boiling temperature differences.

Distillation Columns consists of Vertical Shell with Columns Internal (Trays / Plates) along with Reboiler, Condenser, Reflux Drum.
The Process and equipment’s MOC and size will be decided on the basis of nos. of components and their relative volatility and application and uses like Batch or Continuous.
Distillation Column Internal Component: -
• Bubble Cap Trays
• Sieve Trays
• Valve Trays
• Design of Trays & Liquid Flow
• Structured Packing