Process Equipments - Fermenters

Distillation columns are pressure vessels that separate liquid mixtures into fractions based on differences in volatility. The interior of column is most crucial part as it comprises of heated flammable fluids. Distillation Columns consists of Vertical Shell with Columns Internals (Trays / Plates) along with Re-boiler, Condenser, Reflux Drum.

i. Lab fermenter (Insitu SS)

A laboratory scale fermenter is a bioreactor that is used for microbiology studies and pilot experimentation. Microorganisms are cultivated under precise environmental conditions.

Usage/Application Laboratory
Capacity 5 – 1000 Liter
Material SS316
ii. Industrial Pilot scale fermenter

Pilot scale fermenters act as a bridge between laboratory and plant level fermenters therefore it helps in scaling of microbiological synthesis process. On the basis of criteria, the process parameters can be modified to achieve a desired end product.

Usage/Application Industrial
Capacity 100 – 50,000 Liter
Material SS316
Corrosion Resistant Yes
Control Semi – auto, Fully – auto, SCADA
iii. Industrial Production fermenter

These bioreactors are used in large scale production facilities of microorganisms. These reactors ensure the features of (SIP) Sterilization in place (CIP) Clean in place, equipped with motors at the top to facilitate motion of agitators.

Usage/Application Industrial & Commercial
Capacity 1000 L– 50000 L
Material SS304, SS316
Corrosion Resistant Yes
Control Semi – auto, Fully – auto, SCADA